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Biconomy releases new SDK for better crypto and blockchain development

Biconomy, a web3 development platform & toolkit that superpowers blockchain technology stacks, today announced it has launched a software development kit (SDK) to transform the way developers build easy-to-use decentralized applications (dApps).

Since 2019, Biconomy has been engaged with the web3 infrastructure space by building easy-to-integrate, plug-and-play APIs for developers to scale their projects. The Biconomy SDK introduces time-saving steps for developers such as reducing multi-step transactions into one-click interactions, simple-to-use smart contract wallets, and a conveniently gasless and chainless experience for users.

Easier Development

As institutional and retail adoption of cryptocurrencies and dApps grow, dApp developers can onboard more web2 users by hiding the nuts and bolts behind complex on-chain transactions. This way, the majority of web2 users can onboard and interact with dApps easily — playing games, buying and trading NFTs and other digital assets — without deep knowledge of blockchain technology. dApps can save their users a ton of time and costs.

“There is no point building in web3 if no one can use your products. User onboarding and retention are key for the growth of individual dApps and the crypto environment as a whole. Biconomy was built with the next billion web3 users in mind and we are fulfilling this goal by meeting developer and user needs. From gasless to one-click transactions, we are making sure engaging with web3 feels second nature and as easy as signing your name.”
– Ahmed Al-Balaghi, Co-Founder of Biconomy

The introduction of the Biconomy SDK opens up further opportunities. Developers can offer users practical UX benefits such as secure web2-like social logins and recovery for accounts.

One-click interactions for multistep transactions. Transaction batching removes the need for repeated authorization. Gasless and chainless experiences. Convenient fee payments in ERC20 tokens and fiat on-ramps and credit card purchases of crypto or NFTs.


Biconomy SDK brings blockchain-agnostic, web2-like experiences to your dApp in a non-custodial manner.

Here’s what is possible with the SDK today:

  • Easy User Onboarding – Social login, account creation & recovery to seamlessly onboard web2 users.
  • Fiat On Ramp – Let your users easily & reliably buy/sell crypto within your dApp.
  • Gasless Transactions – dApps can sponsor gas fees to make user interactions as simple as web2…

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