An eclectic display at the 2nd Metaverse Fashion Week

An eclectic display at the 2nd Metaverse Fashion Week

Inspired by success in 2022 and an impressive list of designers who attended that year’s Metaverse Fashion Week, Decentraland held another event this year from March 28–31. The week’s theme, “Future Heritage,” aimed to connect the next generation of creators with traditional fashion designers.

It’s the second time digital fashion’s core members — including Zero10, DressX and The Fabricant — have participated in MVFW, though the total number of brands declined. There were two shows worth noting: Dundas, which distinguished itself with beautiful avatars last year, and Adidas, which joined this year as a first-time participant. Decentraland and HBO also participated.

Real experience

Attendees this year immediately faced a problem: Neither an iPhone nor an iPad Pro could be used to enter Decentraland. That is, we lost our mobility in the real world. I had to cancel a couple of meetings and stay home.

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Moreover, the event’s Mac app didn’t work. So, you had to play the browser version of the game, which didn’t work properly, and you needed to clear your browser cache.

On the first day, there was such an influx of users that it was impossible to even visit the locations, and many users didn’t even see the Dundas show.

Metaverse fashion week or meta market?

In addition to the show on the first day, there was a meditation with Alo Yoga, which had planned activities for each day: yoga, breathing techniques and Reiki practices. It was as if you should have gotten off the computer and done the practice the coach dictated. This was the least obvious collaboration for Metaverse Fashion Week.

Shopping life

The most interesting thing happens in digital boutiques and during fashion weeks in general: Players most want to collect free clothing, which they do 24/7.

The Luxury District featured the big brands, including Dolce & Gabbana, which held a talent contest in which Katya Garnet, Nataliya Grimberg, David Lopez and Dundas prevailed. The biggest boutiques were Tommy Hilfiger and DKNY, which are not luxury brands in the real world.

Dolce & Gabbana store at Metaverse Fashion Week. Source: ScreenMVFW.

It’s worth noting that DKNY had a huge four-story boutique with a pizzeria, bar and disco on the roof. It all looked large-scale, but it was very sad. They could at least have put an NPC in it — or even an employee with whom you could interact and buy goods.

Then we went to the failed…

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