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Agoras Leads the Way in AI-Based User-Controlled Cryptocurrency – Sponsored Bitcoin News

Agoras Leads the Way in AI-Based User-Controlled Cryptocurrency – Sponsored Bitcoin News

Artificial intelligence (AI) seems to be everywhere these days. With the rise of ChatGPT and other trending AI applications, many cryptocurrencies have been rushing to adopt it as well. However, not all AI is created equal. Logical-AI, an approach adopted by Tau, has been an integral part of Agoras token for a long time, and it is what sets it apart from other cryptocurrencies.

Agoras ($AGRS) is the first cryptocurrency entirely run by its users in a sound manner. It is the cryptocurrency of Tau Net, a user-controlled blockchain network. This unprecedented user control over the network and its tokenomics is made possible by Tau technology, which is based on the use of Logical AI – a combination of a unique software specification language and communication paradigm. The use of Logical AI allows Tau to detect and calculate agreed constraints and highlight points of agreement, disagreement, and implications across conversations in formal languages. The resulting specification is executable by Tau’s backend, creating correct-by-construction software, and giving users direct control over the network.

Are other blockchains really decentralized?

While many blockchain projects claim to have decentralized development, their methods cannot be considered sound because they ask their users to vote on code patches manually or use machine-learning techniques for mass voting, which are statistical in nature. Further, code is implemented by a centralized development team who has to be trusted, and even if trusted, cannot write code with a proof of accurate outcome.

On Tau Net, users will govern the development of the system by saying what they want the network to be like in the form of statements that satisfy rules and changes to be implemented. The system will then calculate the agreement among the users and implement the next version of Tau Net into the next block in the blockchain.


How Agoras works

The economic aspect of Tau Net will be fully powered by Agoras. Tau Net users will be able to collaboratively and continuously influence every component of the Agoras tokenomics, which will make Agoras the first cryptocurrency fully and soundly run by its users.

For example, one user might prefer deflationary system that rewards active participants in the network. Another user might actively participate in the network and prefer to be rewarded for it. The next user might wish for Agoras to be deflationary. Tau Net will calculate the…

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