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2023 In Review: A Look At BTD Capital Fund And How It’s Demonstrating The Power Of AI

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In a year firmly marked by technological advancements in AI, Kaiju’s BTD Capital Fund seems to be an intriguing player in the fusion of finance and artificial intelligence. The fund’s Buy the DIP Capital Fund ETF (NYSE: DIP) is powered by Kaiju’s advanced ARCⓇ system, which navigated the complexities of 2023’s volatile market using the power of AI-driven investment strategies. If Kaiju’s BTD Capital Fund sees continued success, we could be looking at a new wave of technological innovation in financial markets powered by artificial intelligence.

AI-Driven Investment Success

In the year since its inception, the BTD Capital Fund has successfully leveraged machine learning to constantly evolve and improve its risk management decisions. The fund uses sector-agnostic mean reversion strategies to acquire oversold equities stocks within the S&P 500 (a stock market index tracking the stock performance of approximately 500 large companies listed on stock exchanges in the United States) and NASDAQ 100 (a stock market index comprised of 100 equity securities issued by the largest non-financial companies listed on the Nasdaq stock market), and a sophisticated algorithm to conduct over two billion daily examinations, rebalancing accordingly. 

The portfolio also has an average holding period of just three days, which allows it to provide short-term exposure to markets with rapid trade execution aimed at maximizing investor returns. Despite a year full of fluctuations, the fund’s use of the ARCⓇ system and its strategic asset allocation demonstrates Kaiju’s commitment to successfully navigating market volatility.

2023 Fund Performance Overview

The BTD Capital Fund’s journey through 2023 is a testament to the rapid innovations of AI in finance. The fund was launched in December of 2022 and, just one year later, has already demonstrated incredible adaptability to yield success. 

First Quarter 2023:+1.56%.
Second Quarter 2023: +1.82%
Third Quarter 2023: -1.87%
Fourth Quarter 2023: +8.16%
Year-To-Date ( 2023 YTD): +9.76%.

Performance data quoted is based on NAV, represents past performance and is no guarantee of future results. Investment return and principal value of an investment will fluctuate so that an investor’s shares, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than the original cost….

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