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Zero Hash and Shift4 Collaborate on Fiat-to-Crypto


Hash, a crypto infrastructure platform, has unveiled its collaboration with
Shift4, an integrated payments and commerce technology platform. This
partnership aims to empower web3 merchants by building a fiat-to-crypto on-ramp
using Zero Hash’s full-stack API.

highlights of the collaboration are as follows:

Shift4 has integrated Zero Hash’s turnkey crypto infrastructure, offering web3
merchants a unified solution that combines fiat and crypto capabilities.

Shift4 has harnessed Zero Hash’s customer identity-verification-as-a-service,
ensuring secure and compliant onboarding of users for crypto services.

: Using
Zero Hash’s complete API stack, Shift4 enables merchants to integrate and
customize a fiat-to-crypto on-ramp directly into their checkout process.

web3 landscape has been characterized by a proliferation of products and
providers, resulting in challenges related to approval rates and high fees. To
address these issues and provide web3 merchants with a streamlined solution,
Shift4 partnered with Zero Hash.

needed a trusted partner to enhance our onboarding process for crypto
merchants. After evaluating all available solutions, we determined that Zero
Hash was the right fit for us in terms of their leading expertise, pace of
innovation, and overall capabilities,” said Pietro Moran, Director of Crypto of

Hash’s end-to-end turnkey crypto infrastructure enables Shift4 to power crypto
merchants globally with best in class fees and authorization rates and a
product that just works.”

Zero Hash: Simplifying Crypto
Integration for Businesses

Hash is a B2B2C crypto infrastructure platform, simplifying the integration of
digital assets into various customer experiences using API endpoints. They
handle the complex back-end operations and regulatory compliance necessary for
offering crypto

Hash Holdings and its subsidiaries serve neo-banks, broker-dealers, payment
groups, and non-financial brands, enabling them to offer services like digital
asset trading, custody, and crypto-backed rewards.

backing from investors including Point72 Ventures and Bain Capital Ventures,
Zero Hash is registered as a Money Service Business in the US, Canada,
Australia, and New Zealand.

collaboration with Shift4 underscores the merging of traditional and crypto
financial services, benefiting web3 merchants and
advancing digital asset…

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