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XRP And Shiba Inu Rally Is Not Over According To This Indicator

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The crypto industry saw a spectacular run in October, as a few cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Solana registered new yearly highs. However, the entire market seems to be taking a breather after this action-packed October that saw Bitcoin, XRP, and Shiba Inu lead impressive rallies. 

On-chain data, particularly from the crypto analytics platform Santiment, showed October ended on a somehow bearish note. But history from this particular metric suggests that the rally might not be over. 

XRP And Shiba Inu Rally Not Over

The first few days of November appear to be devoid of significant crypto price movement, with the exception of occasional whale transfers. At the time of writing, XRP and SHIB are down by 1% and 2%, respectively, in a 24-hour timeframe. Bitcoin and Ethereum are also down by 2.51% and 1.93% respectively. Some crypto experts attribute this decline to traders taking profit, while others think the crypto market has returned to its normalcy of bearish sentiment.

Popular crypto analytics platform Santiment predicted this sentiment a few days ago. According to Santiment, the Bullish Vs Bearish Sentiment Keyword turned towards a bearish ratio at the end of October. The metric, which tracks various keyword mentions like “buy,” “sell,” “buying,” “selling,” “topped,” and “bottom” on social media, spent the bulk of October on the bullish end of its range.

The firm quickly pointed out that previous instances of higher ratios of bearish keywords had preceded gains in the market caps of popular cryptocurrencies. Aside from Bitcoin, on-chain metrics and fundamental analysis point to a continued rally for XRP and SHIB. These two cryptocurrencies, in particular, have dominated social mentions in the past few months, according to this indicator.

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On the fundamental side, XRP has done extremely well, especially as trading resumed on various crypto exchanges. XRP is up by 32% since the beginning of the year, and various analysts have pointed to another price surge

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