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Why you should keep an eye on Asian markets for web3 scaling & adoption w/Sora Ventures – SlateCast #36

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In the latest episode of the CryptoSlate SlateCast, we caught up with Jason Fang from Sora Ventures to get insight into the Asian crypto market, learn why he decided to invest in CryptoSlate, and his overall view on the future of the blockchain industry.

Sora Ventures is an Asia-based venture capital fund founded in early 2018. Its portfolio includes Immutable, Forkast News, CasperLabs, Guild of Guardians, CitaDao, and many others. As of a deal signed earlier this year, CryptoSlate also now joins the Sora Ventures family.

The Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Sora Ventures, Jason Fang, spoke to CryptoSlate’s Akiba on the SlateCast to talk about the future of crypto, the differences between web2 and web3 investments, its recent investment into CryptoSlate, and how Sora Ventures looks to add value to each part of its portfolio.

Fang stated that web2 investments are equity-based and focus on where LPs can add value whereas in web 3 things are slightly different.

“The investment cycles are shorter… there are a lot fewer rounds when compared to the equity, … fewer rounds compared to the equity, and the lifespans in general terms of fundraising are also a lot shorter.”

Sora Venture’s approach is to focus on “community development and marketing” where “we’re adding immediate value that you can see within weeks, if not days.”

Continuing, Fang also spoke about his view on the Chinese crypto market which is currently closed. He believes that it will “eventually open up… when that happens we want to be prepared for that.” The growth of the crypto industry in China is something Fang believes has “opportunity in the future” despite the current ban on crypto in the country.

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