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What bear market? These crypto websites see traffic rising in 2023

What bear market? These crypto websites see traffic rising in 2023

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) have been widely described as going through a bear market in 2023, but this may not exactly be the case, according to indicators like website traffic of certain crypto platforms.

Some major cryptocurrency websites like Binance and Coinbase have seen a significant traffic drop in 2023, but there are many crypto sites that have experienced the opposite.

According to data from the web analytics platform Similarweb, the number of total monthly visits on the Binance website tumbled by 22% from 69 million in January 2023 to 54 million in August. The Coinbase website has experienced a 15% traffic decline over the period, with the number of visits dropping from 33.5 million and 28.4 million.

A number of cryptocurrency exchange websites have faced more success in terms of traffic though. According to Similarweb data accessed by Cointelegraph, the websites of crypto exchanges like OKX, HTX (formerly Huobi),, CoinW, and Bitmart have seen a notable increase in traffic year-to-date (YTD).

According to the data, monthly visits at the HTX website surged more than 200% YTD, rising from 7.3 million in January to 22 million in August. The website of OKX saw a similar traffic increase, with total monthly visits jumping 185% from 8 million in early 2023 to 22.8 million in August. and Coinw exchanges saw their website traffic surging 143% and 66% YTD, respectively. The website traffic of crypto trading platforms and Bitmart has surged about 40% this year so far, reaching more than 9.5 million monthly visits.

Kraken, a major crypto exchange in the United States, has also seen its traffic rising this year, surging about 11% from 5 million to 5.6 million YTD, according to the data.

The websites of certain centralized cryptocurrency exchanges (CEX) are not the only crypto websites that have seen traffic increasing this year. There is also a rising trend among some software cryptocurrency wallets as well as decentralized crypto exchanges (DEX) and other crypto services.

MetaMask, a major self-custodial cryptocurrency wallet, has recorded a 31% jump in traffic, with monthly visits surging from 4.5 million visits in January 2023 to 5.9 million in August. Binance’s self-custody wallet Trust Wallet has also seen its traffic growin this year, edging up roughly 7%, from 2.9 million to 3.1 million monthly visits.

Major DEX Uniswap has posted a 28% increase in website traffic so far this year, rising from 3.9 million visits in…

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