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Wemade Announces Partnership With Space and Time To Power Blockchain and Gaming Services

Wemade Announces Partnership With Space and Time To Power Blockchain and Gaming Services

March 15, 2023 – Seoul, South Korea

Wemade Co., Ltd (KOSDAQ:112040) – one of the largest publicly-listed gaming companies in South Korea with a market capitalization of $1.4 billion – has announced a strategic partnership with SxT (Space and Time), a leader in decentralized data warehousing.

The partnership will allow Wemade to power its blockchain and gaming services with Space and Time’s decentralized suite of developer tools.

Today, Wemade services more than 20 different P23 (play-to-earn) games across all genres, including MIR M and the world’s number-one blockchain game MIR4, on its global open blockchain gaming platform WEMIX PLAY.

This is part of the mega ecosystem that its blockchain developer subsidiary WEMIX is building, which encompasses its own mainnet, WEMIX 3.0 – an extensive range of services like NFTs and DeFi and WEMIX coin the bridge that connects all of the components of the mega ecosystem.

WEMIX has also announced plans to launch an Ethereum layer two utilizing ZKP (zero-knowledge proof) protocols that will improve scalability while still ensuring users’ privacy and security.

Space and Time and Wemade are planning to closely collaborate in the future with a next-generation decentralized infrastructure for more robust and scalable GameFi development.

Shane Kim, CEO of WEMIX, said,

“We believe that blockchain is the future of gaming, offering gamers greater ownership and control over their digital assets. As the blockchain transformation of traditional games continues to grow, the partnership with Space and Time will help strengthen our blockchain infrastructure capabilities and contribute to our commitment to building an inter-game economy.”

Space and Time packages a full suite of developer tools in a single decentralized deployment. The platform provides developers with real-time, tamperproof indexed blockchain data, a hybrid transactional and analytic (HTAP) data warehouse and a serverless API gateway for simplified building of fully decentralized applications and faster DApp time-to-market.

Queries run in the Space and Time data warehouse are verifiably tamperproof. Space and Time’s novel cryptography – proof of SQL – allows smart contracts to run tamperproof queries directly, opening up a wealth of powerful use cases built on blockchain technology and a fully decentralized stack.

Game developers building on Space and Time can join real-time blockchain data with off-chain…

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