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Turkish Court Imposes 11,196-Year Sentence on Former Thodex CEO


Faruk Fatih Ozer, the ex-CEO of the now-defunct Turkish
cryptocurrency exchange Thodex, has been handed a staggering prison term for
defrauding investors. Ozer’s conviction has come after a prolonged legal battle
stemming from the collapse of Thodex in 2021, during which he absconded with
millions of dollars worth of investors’ assets.

Ozer, who fled to Albania following the collapse of Thodex, was recently
extradited to Turkey to face charges related to money laundering , fraud,
and organized crime. In a ruling that sent shockwaves through Turkey’s
financial and cryptocurrency sectors, a Turkish court sentenced Ozer to an
astonishing 11,196 years in prison for his involvement in the fraud scheme.

Notably, Ozer’s brother and sister were also implicated in
the fraudulent activities and were handed similarly lengthy prison terms by the
court. The magnitude of Ozer’s sentence is partly attributed to the sheer scale
of the fraud he orchestrated, affecting thousands of investors. Ozer faced a
staggering 2,027 separate charges, each representing an individual defrauded
during Thodex’s collapse.

Furthermore, Ozer’s lack of remorse during the trial
proceedings likely contributed to the severity of his sentence. Despite the
overwhelming evidence against him, Ozer reportedly displayed an unrepentant
attitude in court, even suggesting that his actions, which led to the loss of
millions for investors,…

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