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There Is a World of Web3 Outside the U.S. and Europe

There Is a World of Web3 Outside the U.S. and Europe

Upon returning from Token2049 in Singapore, my perceptions have been profoundly reshaped. What truly astounded me was the depth and dynamism of the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region in the Web3 realm.

While the United States and Europe often dominate the global crypto conversation, I’d always sensed that APAC held more than met the eye. Still, experiencing its intricacies firsthand blew me away.

Web3 isn’t being built in North America and Western Europe only.

Far from a monolithic entity, APAC has emerged as a kaleidoscope of unique cultures, each with its distinct contribution to the evolving Web3 narrative, often challenging and complementing Western perspectives. As the digital landscape continues to unfold, a deepened appreciation of these diverse cultures is essential to foster genuine global collaborations.

The crypto industry is an events industry these days. While on the events circuit I started to see the same people at each conference almost everywhere I go. No offense to any of those people, but it just wasn’t making sense. I started to ask myself what was the value in going to places where there was no new business to be won?

If all we’re doing is spending time talking to the same people we know from North American and Western Europe at each of these places, giving emphasis only to them when it comes to attending events, then are we actually going to get anything done?

Attending an event in a new part of the world is a quick way to approach a new frontier making strides in Web3 — and a way to accomplish new things personally. At the end of the day, this is what we in crypto should all be doing: stepping outside our comfort zones and encountering firsthand all the ways crypto is and can be used.

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There were certainly speed bumps to attending the event in Singapore. Many of my counterparts weren’t planning on going. This dismissal sometimes, not always, seemed xenophobic — it definitely felt like there’s a part of our industry that looks at what’s happening in the East as if it’s subpar. This didn’t make sense to me before I attended Token2049, and it definitely doesn’t after.

Speaking as a typical Westerner, it’s easy to write off the distinct cultures that comprise the Asia–Pacific (APAC) region….

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