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Taki Games and Game7 Make Web 3.0 Loyalty Accessible to Mainstream Gamers

Taki Games and Game7 Make Web 3.0 Loyalty Accessible to Mainstream Gamers

February 6, 2024 – Singapore, Singapore

Taki Games, the player-owned mobile gaming network powered by the TAKI token, has launched its latest mobile game in partnership with the Web 3.0 player-owned Game7 nation.

Game7 Food Fighter is an exciting new title, developed by Taki Games, that merges highly addictive gameplay with a novel tokenomic design to bring blockchain-based loyalty and one of Web 3.0’s leading brands to mainstream gamers.

Taki Games aims to address flawed tokenomic models where players suffer the consequences of unsustainable token incentives.

Taki Games has pioneered a new approach to prevent runaway inflation from player rewards or speculation.

‘Takinomics’ maintains a stable in-game economy through a buy-and-burn mechanism that prevents rewards from exceeding revenue generated by the platform.

The system is designed to reward each player directly for their IAPs, ad engagement and contributions to the platform.

Enter Game7, a community formed to accelerate the adoption of Web 3.0 gaming.

Game7 believes that gaming has the power to fundamentally improve the future of humanity by unlocking creative and financial opportunities for billions of people.

Game7 realizes this vision through grants, investments, credibly neutral research and a robust library of open source Web 3.0 tooling.

Experimenting with new economic models is essential in shifting the industry towards player-owned games.

Forging a partnership to have Taki Games develop and distribute Game7 Food Fighter, highlighting the Game7’s brand, was an easy choice for the DAO.

Both organizations recognized the strong alignment between Game7’s vision and Taki Games’ novel network design and broad reach to more than five million players.

In a statement, Weiwei Geng, CEO of Taki Games, said,

“It’s clear that Taki Games and Game7 share the same vision for Web 3.0 to bring gamers and developers closer together. Realizing this vision means bringing gaming’s billions of gamers and $200 billion in revenues on-chain and we’re excited to do this with Taki Games and Takinomics, which make games that people already love even more valuable by enabling gamers to become owners.”

Fueled by its revenue-generating Takinomics model, Taki Games will fund the continuous buyback of TAKI tokens to channel rewards back to players, creating a virtuous cycle that benefits every stakeholder.

The native TAKI token that underpins the reward system for Game7 Food Fighter…

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