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Streamr Network 1.0 Mainnet Launches, Fulfilling the 2017 Roadmap’s Vision of Decentralized Data Broadcasting

Streamr Network 1.0 Mainnet Launches, Fulfilling the 2017 Roadmap’s Vision of Decentralized Data Broadcasting

March 19, 2024 – Zug, Switzerland

Streamr has announced the launch of the Streamr Network 1.0 mainnet, a landmark milestone that signifies the completion of the original 2017 roadmap.

Streamr 1.0 introduces the full deployment of the DATA token incentive layer, transforming the network into a feature-complete, fully decentralized protocol run and operated by its users.

The culmination of over six years of research and development, three rounds of incentivized testnets and overcoming a technical hurdle that caused a last-minute launch abort, Streamr 1.0 means decentralized data broadcasting has arrived.

Key features of Streamr 1.0
  • Fully deployed tokenomics The activation of the DATA token incentive layer means the Streamr Network can operate autonomously from the team as a neutral, fully decentralized messaging protocol.
  • Introduction of new network roles The peer-to-peer market forces between sponsors, operators and delegators are unlocked.
  • Stream sponsorships Sponsors create and fund stream sponsorships, and staked operators earn from them. These smart contracts manage the reward distribution among operators, who run nodes and help to relay the data inside it.
  • Trackerless network architecture The transition to a trackerless architecture, leveraging a globally DHT (distributed hash table) for enhanced efficiency and scalability.
  • New benefits to node operators With Streamr 1.0, it’s now possible to accept delegations and take a cut from the earnings, therefore allowing node operators the chance to earn more. Streamr 1.0 also brings other enhancements for node operators, including the removal of node limits per IP, immediate reward claiming from active sponsorships and other quality of life improvements.
New use cases unlocked

Streamr 1.0 sets the stage for exploring new use cases in areas such as DePIN (decentralized physical infrastructure networks), decentralized AI and decentralized video streaming.

Decentralized video streaming

Streamr is exploring decentralized live video streaming, testing its capacity to deliver scalable and stable video feeds to viewers at scale.

By leveraging the network’s peer-to-peer protocol, Streamr can eliminate the reliance on centralized distribution points, allowing viewers to directly contribute to the broadcasting network as they consume the content, optimizing efficiency and scalability.


Streamr 1.0 enhances the capacity for DePINs to transition from centralized data…

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