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Solana: Jupiter (JUP) Price Tumbles Amid Controversy

Solana Jupiter JUP

On Wednesday (January 31), the highly anticipated Jupiter (JUP) airdrop took place. Jupiter, a decentralized exchange aggregator built on the Solana blockchain, has been making waves in the crypto space lately, even surpassing Uniswap in terms of trading volume. However, the airdrop, while initially boosting JUP’s value, has been followed by controversy.

Jupiter (JUP) Airdrop Stats

Tom Wan, a researcher at, the parent company of 21Shares, commented on the magnitude of the airdrop, stating, “It was one of the largest airdrops on Solana ever, with over 440,000 addresses claiming 622 million JUP tokens, valued at approximately $3.6 billion. Remarkably, 54% of eligible wallets have yet to claim their JUP, leaving approximately 378 million JUP unclaimed.”

Wan went on to provide insights into the distribution of JUP tokens, revealing that a majority of claimants received less than 1,000 JUP. He stated, “59% of claimants, or 261,000 wallets, received only 200 JUP, while approximately 1,500 wallets received between 100,000 and 200,000 JUP. Notably, those who received higher airdrop amounts appear to be holding onto their JUP tokens, with 72% of recipients of less than 1000 JUP having already sold their tokens.”

Regarding the Solana network itself, it continued to perform exceptionally well during the airdrop event. Solana handled 13% more transactions than in the past 90 days, maintaining a block time of approximately 400 milliseconds. The network also experienced a surge in active addresses, reaching a one-year high on the day of the JUP airdrop. However, Solana handled this increased activity perfectly.

Despite the average transaction fee doubling compared to the previous day, it remains relatively low at around $0.017 per transaction. Additionally, the minimum priority fee on the Solana network remained at 0, indicating that the network still accommodated users’ transactions without significant fees.

JUP Price Quadruples, Then Plunges On Controversy

Initially, the JUP token’s price surged to over $2 on some exchanges, such as KuCoin, quadrupling its value. However, this enthusiasm was short-lived due to controversial actions taken…

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