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Solana Epic Bounceback To Pre-FTX Heights: Brace Yourself For What’s Next

Solana Epic Bounceback To Pre-FTX Heights: Brace Yourself For What’s Next

Solana (SOL) has experienced remarkable growth in the past month, outpacing its peers in the cryptocurrency market. According to data from Messari, SOL’s market capitalization surged over 60%, solidifying its position among the top ten crypto assets. 

This rally comes after a challenging period for SOL bulls who struggled to maintain support at the $20 mark, not to mention the significant drop to $8 following the FTX exchange implosion in November.

Solana Price Recent Fluctuations

SOL’s price reached a peak of $32 before settling at its current level, approximately $31.28, as reported by CoinGecko. Although there has been a slight 0.4% dip in the last 24 hours, the cryptocurrency has shown an impressive seven-day rally, with a gain of 30.2%. To put this in perspective, the last time SOL was trading at a similar price level was in November 2022, just before the FTX exchange incident shook the market.

The surge in SOL’s price can be attributed to the overall bullish momentum in the cryptocurrency market over the past few weeks. Data from Santiment reveals that SOL’s daily trading volume has surged by more than 30% since October 16. This increased trading activity indicates growing investor interest and confidence in Solana’s potential.

A closer look at the momentum indicators on a daily chart highlights the significant accumulation of SOL compared to distribution among spot traders. This indicates that buying activity has been outpacing profit-taking activity, contributing to the sustained rally in SOL’s price. 

However, it’s important to note that these indicators also suggest that the cryptocurrency has become overbought and may be due for a correction. Investors should remain cautious and monitor the market closely in light of this overbought signal.

Solana’s Expanding Influence In The Web3 Space

The interest in Solana extends beyond the native token SOL, as the Solana protocol continues to gain ground in the Web3 ecosystem. One notable development is the adoption of Solana by Ryder, a pioneering hardware wallet secured by a user’s social network. Ryder has chosen the Solana blockchain due to its unparalleled scalability and rapid transaction capabilities.

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