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Solana-Backed AI DePIN Launches Its IO Summit Keynote

Solana-Backed AI DePIN Launches Its IO Summit Keynote

June 4, 2024 – Singapore, Singapore

DePIN (decentralized physical infrastructure network) has hosted its keynote at IO Summit.

The event, which was live-streamed on June 4, 2024, covered the project’s recent milestones and addressed forthcoming development plans.

Ahmad Shadid, CEO and founder of, was joined by his leadership team to present the data-rich keynote.

The 40-minute broadcast also included a number of high-profile guests such as Anatoly Yakovenko, founder of Solana, and Dr. Avery Ching, CTO of Aptos.

The keynote brought the community up to date on the project’s latest fundraising efforts, which saw $30 million raised in a Series A round in Q1.

It also detailed’s current valuation and recent achievements in terms of growing adoption.

Ahmad Shadid said,

“The 2024 keynote was a great opportunity to recap our journey so far in scaling the internet of GPUs, rolling out Cloud and showing the high demand that exists for a DePIN that can operate at scale.

“We’re grateful to our community for all their support and are excited to share our technical vision for where is headed next and the role this will play in accelerating AI innovation.”

The keynote concluded by the team revealing details of key utilities that are now being developed for its DePIN.

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