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Rohit Kapoor Takes Money Off The Table, Sells $1.37M In ExlService Holdings Stock

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Revealing a significant insider sell on May 14, Rohit Kapoor, Chairman & CEO at ExlService Holdings (NASDAQ:EXLS), as per the latest SEC filing.

What Happened: A Form 4 filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Tuesday outlined that Kapoor executed a sale of 45,000 shares of ExlService Holdings with a total value of $1,373,250.

ExlService Holdings’s shares are actively trading at $30.49, experiencing a up of 0.73% during Wednesday’s morning session.

Delving into ExlService Holdings’s Background

ExlService Holdings Inc. is a business process management company that provides digital operations and analytical services to clients driving enterprise-scale business transformation initiatives that leverage company’s deep expertise in analytics, AI, ML and cloud. The company offers business process outsourcing and automation services, and data-driven insights to customers across multiple industries. The company operates through four segments based on the products and services offered and markets served: Insurance, Healthcare, Emerging, Analytics. The vast majority of the company’s revenue is earned in the United States, and more than half of its revenue comes from Analytics segment.

ExlService Holdings’s Economic Impact: An Analysis

Revenue Growth: ExlService Holdings’s revenue growth over a period of 3 months has been noteworthy. As of 31 March, 2024, the company achieved a revenue growth rate of approximately 8.95%. This indicates a substantial increase in the company’s top-line earnings. As compared to its peers, the company achieved a growth rate higher than the average among peers in Industrials sector.

Navigating Financial Profits:

Gross Margin: The company issues a cost efficiency warning with a low gross margin of 37.36%, indicating potential difficulties in maintaining profitability compared to its peers.

Earnings per Share (EPS): ExlService Holdings’s EPS is below the industry average. The company faced challenges with a current EPS of 0.3. This suggests a potential decline in earnings.

Debt Management: With a below-average debt-to-equity ratio of 0.52, ExlService Holdings adopts a prudent financial strategy, indicating a balanced approach to debt management.

Navigating Market Valuation:

Price to Earnings (P/E) Ratio: A higher-than-average P/E ratio of 27.77 suggests…

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