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Polkadot community PolkaWorld halts operations after failed funding bid

Polkadot community PolkaWorld halts operations after failed funding bid

Polkadot community PolkaWorld has announced that it has halted its operations after the community’s proposal to get funding from Polkadot’s treasury was rejected. The organization brought up several concerns about the project’s treasury management and made several claims in a recent announcement. 

In a post published on PolkaWorld’s official X (formerly Twitter) account, the organization claimed that the treasury management under Polkadot’s new open governance platform called “OpenGov,” is affecting long-term contributors to the Polkadot ecosystem. According to PolkaWorld, many organizations are being rejected by the treasury and are leaving the Polkadot ecosystem.

The organization pointed out that in the previous governance system, there was a council elected by Polkadot (DOT) holders. The council members were experts in certain areas and were knowledgeable in evaluating proposals, according to PolkaWorld. PolkaWorld believes that this should be integrated into the current OpenGov system, where governance is decided by token holders directly. 

Meanwhile, Markian Ivanichok, the founder of the platform Brushfam, which onboards businesses to Polkadot, has announced that the project is leaving Polkadot in an X thread. The founder expressed frustrations about Polkadot’s governance system, saying that it’s been “increasingly hard to get financing.”

Within the thread, Ivanichok also claimed that it was impossible to get their work appreciated in an ecosystem that “doesn’t care about users, about business practices and about marketing its product.”

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Polkadot’s OpenGov system was launched earlier this year to grant every token holder a voice in shaping the platform. With this, governance in the network is

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