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Patex Expands Global Reach, Lists Native Token on Major CEX and DEX Platforms

Patex Expands Global Reach, Lists Native Token on Major CEX and DEX Platforms

March 12, 2024 – São Paulo, Brazil

Leading Latin America-focused blockchain ecosystem Patex is delighted to announce the listing of its native token PATEX on several major trading venues.

The landmark development marks a new chapter in the platform’s journey to enhance blockchain accessibility and utility throughout the Spanish-speaking world.

The PATEX token will be available for trading on three tier-one CEXs (centralized exchanges) KuCoin, and MEXC as well as on prominent DEXs (decentralized exchanges) Uniswap and PancakeSwap.

The strategic listing on both centralized and decentralized trading platforms is intended to ensure a seamless experience for investors worldwide.

The launch of PATEX is scheduled for 11:00 a.m. UTC on March 12, 2024, with the trading pair PATEX/USDT.

As the native asset of the eponymous network, PATEX plays a key role in enriching the ecosystem’s suite of diverse offerings.

The token is designed to boost the utility of multiple Patex products, such as its innovative layer-two network and the C-Patex trading platform.

Furthermore, PATEX holders gain access to exclusive features and the opportunity to earn rewards, deepening their engagement with the ecosystem.

Recognized as the ‘best LATAM blockchain ecosystem of the year’ at November’s Future Innovation Summit in Dubai, Patex is committed to delivering cutting-edge blockchain solutions tailored to the needs of its chosen market.

The ecosystem’s potential and impact have been acknowledged by top Brazilian fund Acura Capital, which has invested $10 million in the venture so far.

With a focus on Latin America, a region boasting over 670 million people and a GDP of $5.5 trillion, Patex is strategically positioned to tap into a market ripe for blockchain innovation and adoption.

The region’s appetite for blockchain is notable. Last year, El Salvador became the first country in the world to formally make Bitcoin a legal tender.

Many Latin American countries have high unbanked populations and suffer from high inflation rates, making crypto investment attractive.

The listing of PATEX on five major trading platforms centralized and decentralized is a significant step towards expanding Patex’s global reach and influence, with the token set to benefit from the deep liquidity and security of these established venues.

Holders of the token can also stake the asset in 30, 120 and 365 staking pools on Patex, pools that grant APY of 20%,…

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