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Oasys Announces Integration of KDDI’s aU Wallet and aU Market To Elevate the Oasys Ecosystem

Oasys Announces Integration of KDDI’s aU Wallet and aU Market To Elevate the Oasys Ecosystem

September 12, 2023 – Singapore, Singapore

Oasys, a game-focused blockchain, is pleased to announce its officially integrated into aU market, an NFT marketplace, and aU Wallet, a crypto asset wallet provided by KDDI Corp one of the top three telecom companies in Japan.

This integration enables users to offer NFTs on Oasys in the aU market and manage NFTs on Oasys in the aU wallet as well as transfer and deposit OAS tokens.

Integrating into Oasys gives developers who build on Oasys access to KDDI’s massive user base, propelling the mass adoption of blockchain gaming to new heights.

The collaboration with Oasys comes after KDDI launched the metaverse and Web 3.0 service aU (Alpha You) earlier in March to build a world where anyone can become a creator.

As part of KDDI’s broader Web 3.0 initiatives, the company also announced its participation in Oasys as a network validator.

KDDI also participated as a judge in Oasys’ HACKJAM hackathon held in Tokyo from June to July this year, contributing to the growth of the Oasys ecosystem.

Ryo Matsubara (Oasys) and Shunpei Tatebayashi (KDDI) detail the partnership in an interview for Mugenlabo magazine, highlighting the importance of integrating a Web 3.0-era service into a game-agnostic blockchain.

This move strengthens the position of both brands for the increasing adoption of blockchain games and DApps.

This integration will open access to KDDI’s massive customer base for Oasys users, enabling substantial progress toward the mass adoption of blockchain games.

Additionally, aU Wallet’s backup and filtering functions align with Oasys’ mission to lower the entry barrier for novice users into the cryptocurrency and NFT space.

These features allow users, including newcomers, to navigate NFTs and cryptocurrencies confidently.

Leveraging the expertise and strengths of KDDI in its telecommunications business will open various possibilities for collaboration.

Oasys’ focus on bridging Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 gaming finds robust support in KDDI’s strong presence in the telecommunications segment.

As KDDI continues to provide infrastructure and content-related partnerships, Oasys will capitalize on the brand’s knowledge of the fusion of new technologies and communication to create new and exciting experiences through 5G communication and AR/MR technologies.

Driven by a shared enthusiasm for blockchain technology and Web 3.0, Oasys and KDDI remain committed to closely collaborating and…

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