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Nibiru EVM To Transform Ethereum Capabilities for Tomorrow’s Web 3.0

Nibiru EVM To Transform Ethereum Capabilities for Tomorrow’s Web 3.0

June 5, 2024 – Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Nibiru EVM execution boasts blazing-fast transaction speeds, scalability and seamless integration for Ethereum developers, positioning Nibiru to drive mainstream adoption and innovation in Web 3.0.
Overcoming Ethereum’s scalability hurdles

Nibiru Chain, a pioneering smart contract ecosystem, introduces Nibiru EVM, a high-performance EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) execution environment, showcased in its latest version two release.

Nibiru plans to scale beyond Ethereum’s current infrastructure, which is limited to approximately 20 TPS (transactions per second) and results in high fees during periods of congestion.

These constraints hinder developers from building performance-intensive applications similar to the ones seen in Web 2.0.

Nibiru EVM surpasses these limitations by offering throughput exceeding 10,000 TPS even with just single-threaded execution.

To take the scaling and performance a step further, Nibiru plans to upgrade the network to process transactions with parallel optimistic execution, which is “targeted for release before the end of 2024,” according to Unique Divine, co-founder of Nibiru.

This approach allows nodes to utilize extra hardware resources, pushing the boundaries of the network’s transaction handling capabilities.

Fueling ecosystem expansion and enhanced developer experience

Unique Divine said,

“Compatibility with Ethereum is a key driver for attracting liquidity and promoting ecosystem growth on Nibiru EVM.

“Launching a blockchain protocol is about building trust and showcasing real-world utility. Innovating and improving the EVM is a key part of our strategy.”

With Ethereum developers accounting for applications that make up over 90% of the TVL (total value locked) across smart contract ecosystems, Nibiru EVM significantly lowers barriers to entry and accelerates development timelines.

Nibiru EVM empowers developers with a robust, user-friendly environment that enables seamless interaction between Ethereum-based tokens and applications across multiple virtual machines.

This multi-VM approach ensures fast transaction processing and a streamlined user experience.

Ethereum developers are able to deploy applications in a familiar EVM environment, reducing barriers to entry and accelerating development timelines, while also reaping the benefits of parallel optimistic execution and instant finality.

Nibiru in early innings

Since its mainnet launch in…

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