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NFT Project Spotlight: Society of the Hourglass and Its Kid-Friendly Cartoons

NFT Project Spotlight: Society of the Hourglass and Its Kid-Friendly Cartoons

Key Takeaways

  • Society of the Hourglass is a collection of 8,888 historically-themed NFT characters on Ethereum.
  • The project’s NFTs act as an entry point into an ecosystem that will eventually encompass books, merchandise, and an animated series for kids.
  • Society of the Hourglass is among the first family-focused NFT projects to emerge, hinting at how the market could evolve in the future.

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As company after company goes bust and even the strongest cryptocurrencies flounder, life goes on in a surprisingly resilient NFT market. The Society of the Hourglass is not an average NFT project, though, partly because it’s not a project that begins and ends with digital collectibles; it only begins with them. A proposed ecosystem spanning publishing, television, and merchandising, Society of the Hourglass is a media brand—NFTs are merely the entryway to a wider world of hands-on development in its burgeoning IP landscape. Crypto Briefing spoke to the project about balancing decentralization with traditional business, the nuances of intellectual property distribution, and of course, cartoons.

A Time to Build

As the crypto market continues to languish amid rising interest rates, looming recession, high-profile bankruptcies, and increasing regulatory scrutiny, NFTs have shown surprising resilience. This will likely come as no surprise to those who saw the potential in the technology early on, but for everyone else, it’s stunning. If bear markets are the “time to build,” you could do worse than doing so in the NFT space. 

One project seizing on the disruptive potential of NFT technology is Society of the Hourglass, a kids’ entertainment media brand incorporating NFTs into its community bootstrapping process. Set to span books, games, and television, Society of the Hourglass is an early-stage project onboarding users to its writing room by minting NFTs. Here, the community can collaborate with professional screenwriters and animators to brainstorm ideas, pitch stories, and influence the show’s creative direction.

Where many NFT projects build their “community” out of fandom, whether that’s around a particular project (like Bored Ape Yacht Club or Azuki) or an artist (like Tyler Hobbs or FEWOCiOUS), Society of the Hourglass has a more ambitious goal in mind. The NFT series—a collection of 8,888 historically-themed characters minted on Ethereum—is but the backbone of a series of larger projects such as books,…

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