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NFT Project Spotlight: Edenhorde, the NFT-Based Immersive World

NFT Project Spotlight: Edenhorde, the NFT-Based Immersive World

Key Takeaways

  • Edenhorde is an NFT world-building project developed by Merit Circle.
  • Adventure Time artist Andy Ristaino leads Edenhorde’s art direction.
  • 8,800 NFTs avatars represent the four factions in the Edenhorde world, and give holders access to their own self-determining communities.

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Edenhorde is an immersive world-building NFT project developed by blockchain gaming guild Merit Circle. Crypto Briefing joined project lead ND-X and community manager Freek to talk about the Edenhorde world, its creative team, and how NFTs are helping to tell the Edenhorde story. 

What Is Edenhorde?

At its heart, Edenhorde is a story. It’s the name of a fictional continent inhabited by four distinct tribes of creatures, each with its own unique culture, personality, and quirks. There are the Larriks, a nomadic humanoid scavenger people; the Gadirans, a reptile-like group who live in large, walled cities; the Babbumatta, a peaceful tribe of plant people; and finally, the Oru, a mysterious robot race who live atop Mount Puntu. 

More than anything, according to the project’s self-described “head honcho” ND-X, Edenhorde is an “exercise in world-building.” ND-X and a small group of creators have been hard at work for the past seven months bringing their vision of Edenhorde to life and fostering a community around the project through their dynamic, multimedia storytelling. 

Edenhorde is developed by Merit Circle, a blockchain gaming DAO that made a name for itself during the summer 2021 Axie Infinity boom by renting Axie NFTs out to players and earning a portion of their profits. Now, Merit Circle is broadening its scope by funding and creating its own projects, one of which is Edenhorde. Because Edenhorde is a Merit Circle project, Merit Circle’s successes become Edenhorde’s successes. The Merit Circle team is always looking for ways to reward Edenhorde NFT holders through its various investments and initiatives. 

Initially, Edenhorde stayed relatively low-key due to its creators’ decision not to pursue active marketing for the project. Instead, a trail of hints and clues leading to a series of puzzles helped introduce the world of Edenhorde to curious Web3 denizens, rewarding lucky explorers with guaranteed mint spots for the project’s NFT collection. 

However, as more people became aware of Edenhorde and recognized the iconic art style spearheaded by Adventure Time artist Andy Ristaino, interest in the project grew. When…

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