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New York Community Bancorp Plummets To 26-Year Lows On Commercial Real Estate Fears

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Shares of New York Community Bancorp Inc. (NYSE:NYCB) experienced a significant drop, plummeting 22.15% during Tuesday’s trading session to reach lows not seen since April 1997.

The bank has become a focal point of investor concern after losing 38% of its value following the announcement of disappointing quarterly results last week, which revealed a loss contrary to analyst expectations of a profit.

Over the last week, NYCB’s market cap as more than halved from $7.45 billion to $3.16 billion.

Following the regional banking crisis in March 2023, New York Community Bancorp acquired the troubled Signature Bank, expanding its assets to above $100 billion. This growth has placed the bank under more stringent regulatory and capital standards, reflecting its increased size and operational scope.

Chart: NYCB Falls To Levels Last Seen In April 1997

NYCB’s Achilles’ Heel

A report by Goldman Sachs highlighted NYCB’s significant exposure to the commercial real estate loan market, with CRE loans constituting about 56% of the bank’s total loans.

NYCB’s decision to cut its dividend and increase cash reserves stems from pressures from a leading U.S. regulatory body, according to a Monday Bloomberg report.

NYCB has embarked on a strategy to bolster its reserves, setting aside $552 million for potential loan losses, a figure that far exceeds analyst expectations. This decision led to a drastic 70% cut in quarterly dividends, highlighting the bank’s cautious approach at this market juncture.

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Bank Of America Remains Bullish, Yellen Issues Warning On CRE Loans

On Monday, Bank of America Global Research said that “while there is clearly pressure on [NYCB’s] CRE borrowers, the fourth quarter marked a confluence of events that led to a worse than expected outcome.”

The bank’s rent-regulated portfolio boasts a 97% weighted average occupancy rate, and a significant portion of its office portfolio is located in Manhattan, indicating some underlying strengths.

Bank of America Global Research maintains a Buy rating on NYCB, with a price target of $8.50, which is nearly double its Tuesday price.

Speaking to the House Financial Services Committee on Tuesday,…

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