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Millions Lost as Solana DeFi App cashio Suffers Hack

Millions Lost as Solana DeFi App cashio Suffers Hack

Key Takeaways

  • The Solana stablecoin protocol cashio suffered an “infinite mint glitch” exploit.
  • A hacker drained millions of dollars from the protocol and its CASH stablecoin collapsed.
  • Crypto Briefing has found several pieces of evidence that suggest the attacker has previously operated under the pseudonym Ariusuha to execute multiple rug pulls in the NFT space.

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The Solana stablecoin protocol cashio has suffered an exploit leading to a complete collapse of its flagship stablecoin, CASH.

cashio Hacked for Millions

cashio, a stablecoin protocol on Solana, has suffered a major exploit.

The cashio team announced the incident on Twitter early Wednesday. “Please do not mint any CASH,” the team wrote. “There is an infinite glitch.” It also said it was investigating the issue and had found the likely root cause.

cashio is a Solana-based DeFi application that lets users mint CASH stablecoins. On cashio, all deposits are backed by interest-bearing liquidity provider tokens. For example, someone can provide liquidity with USDT and USDC to mint CASH. In this incident, the hacker found a vulnerability that allowed them to mint an infinite supply CASH without having the sufficient backing.

According to data from Solscan, the attacker minted two billion CASH stablecoins and then swapped them for other paired assets (mostly other stablecoins) via the decentralized exchange Saber. Per Defi Llama data, the hacker drained about $28 million worth of liquidity from the exchange. Saber posted an update announcing that it had paused its CASH liquidity pools following the incident. 

As a result of the exploit, CASH, whose value is supposed to be pegged to the U.S. dollar, has completely collapsed.

CASH/USD chart (Source: CoinGecko)

While the precise extent of the damage from the attack is still officially unknown, the renowned crypto security researcher known as samczsun on Twitter said that the losses amounted to about $50 million based on their “quick skim,” of the on-chain data.

Update: Upon further investigation, Crypto Briefing has found that the person behind the cashio attack could be linked to multiple NFT-related rug pulls, including those of the ill-fated Balloonsville,…

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