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MetaPlayerOne’s New Co-Investment and Acceleration Program for GameFi Projects – Press release Bitcoin News

MetaPlayerOne's New Co-Investment and Acceleration Program for GameFi Projects – Press release Bitcoin News

PRESS RELEASE. MetaPlayerOne is bringing the power of Web3 communications to GameFi by introducing a new launchpad and standard for NFT game assets. Using this platform and this standard, different GameFi projects can recognize specific smart contract asset holders and rare asset holders, providing them with various benefits. For example, addressing an airdrop specifically to all legendary asset holders across all GameFi projects. GameFi projects that meet MetaPlayerOne’s requirements can expect a global marketing support package from MetaPlayerOne, which will help promote their projects on a large scale.

MetaPlayerOne is one of the pioneers in unlocking the true potential of Web3 technologies through its unique metaverse developing engine for various use cases. Through this groundbreaking co-investment and acceleration program for GameFi projects, the aim is to offer Initial Game & Collection Offerings (IGOs) via NFT drops and enhance the success of such programs, provide access to the MetaPlayerOne Advanced Launchpad, and support the project with a comprehensive digital marketing package that guarantees maximum exposure.

As part of the program, MetaPlayerOne offers a free dedicated advertising campaign on popular platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. The campaign also includes placements on Etherscan, BinanceScan, CoinMarketCap, and CoinGecko, as well as PR media, Twitter spaces, and podcasts. A minimum of 90 days of marketing lead-up to the drop date is provided, with a reservation feature capacity.

By adopting the MetaPlayerOne Social Media, eligible GameFi projects can leverage an innovative and super-efficient Web3 wallet targeting-engine to reach their target audience effectively. The program also offers organic attention and a free digital marketing package, including:

  • Web3 Social Media Network: A platform that unites Web3 private communities across various industries such as GameFi, DeFi, art, and crypto. A project automatically gets exposed to the other Web3 communities.
  • MP1 Launchpad System: A tool for creating special pricing and access terms for the specific communities during and after drops, catering specifically to GameFi and NFT communities.
  • Web3 Community Channel: A feature that enables projects to build their Web3 community channel simultaneously with the drop, reducing the need for multiple platforms and saving time and money.

The Web3 social media platform connects…

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