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Mark Cuban Won’t Buy Your Favorite Sports Team, Believes Luka Doncic Hasn’t Peaked Yet, Plus More From Twitter AMA

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Billionaire entrepreneur and NBA team owner Mark Cuban recently took part in an unplanned ask-me-anything on social media platform Twitter, now known as X.

Many of the questions asked revolved around sports and the NBA. Here’s a look at some key highlights.

Cuban on Team Ownership: Cuban bought the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks in 2000 and recently completed the sale of a controlling interest in the team.

Cuban still owns a stake in the Mavericks and is involved with the team. The entrepreneur was asked if he regretted selling his stake and if he would miss the “competitive juice” of being a majority NBA team owner.

“I’m still right in the middle of it. Just watch me at a game!” Cuban said.

He also answered a user on why he decided now was the time to sell the Mavericks.

“To spend more time with my family and because I believe the next wave or revenue is around real estate and entertainment and those aren’t my strengths.”

Cuban also told a user that he hopes Texas legalizes sports betting, which comes as the Mavericks ownership group now includes experienced casino owners and operators.

Several people appealed to Cuban to purchase other sports teams. Despite being a native of the Pittsburgh area, he specifically dismissed the idea of buying the Pittsburgh Pirates or any other Major League Baseball team.

Cuban also ruled out owning a WNBA team, with a user saying the league needs help with branding and promotion.

“I don’t have the time for it.”

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Cuban on Doncic: One of the stars of the NBA today is Luka Doncic of the Dallas Mavericks. Cuban answered questions related to Doncic during the AMA session.

Cuban was asked if he felt guilty for wasting Luka’s prime, which comes as the Mavericks have only reached the NBA Playoffs in three of Doncic’s five full seasons in the league, not counting this season.

“Luka is going to get better. He hasn’t reached his prime yet. He is amazing,” Cuban said.

The question on Doncic’s prime comes as the NBA star recently scored 73 points in a game, a new record for the Mavericks and the fourth-highest in NBA history.

“I was going nuts the entire game,” Cuban said.

When questioned about potential trades to bolster the Mavericks’ NBA Playoffs…

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