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Make Crypto Payments on BChat Web 3.0 Messenger – BChat Integrates Beldex Wallet

Make Crypto Payments on BChat Web 3.0 Messenger – BChat Integrates Beldex Wallet

Mahe, Seychelles

The BChat Web 3.0 messenger has integrated the Beldex wallet to allow its users to make near-instant cross-border payments with BDX. Now, BChat users can connect with their friends and pay BDX directly on BChat.

Afanddy Bin Hushni, chairman of Beldex, said,

“Web 3.0 wallets are a decentralized social identity. With BChat, however, you’ve already got a private, decentralized identity, which is the BChat ID.

“We’ve long since coupled BChat IDs with a unique Beldex wallet address. With this integration, users can easily send their friends BDX on BChat just as they text them.”

Why BChat

BChat aims to transform messaging by ushering in the next wave of private communications. At a time when privacy in communication and privacy on the web are taking a hit, BChat provides a solution for decentralized, middlemen-free and censorship-free communication.

Connect with BChat ID

To prevent data exploitation, BChat was designed to never collect a user’s phone number, email address or username. When a user creates an account on BChat, a distinct BChat ID is generated on-chain.

Users can thereafter use their BChat ID to connect with their friends. The BChat ID is an alphanumeric ID that’s 64-66 characters long. Thus, it doesn’t reveal anything about the user.

Chat, send BDX and do more

BChat is a part of the Beldex ecosystem that consists of a suite of interconnected private DApps like BelNet (a decentralized VPN) and the Beldex Browser. These DApps offer a higher degree of privacy and security.

With BChat, users can do the following.

  • Protect personal identity – BChat doesn’t require usernames, phone numbers or email addresses. Users connect with others using their BChat ID, a randomly generated on-chain ID.
  • Send encrypted messages – BChat uses the open-source text-secure protocol to end-to-end encrypt messages. So, messages sent on BChat can only be read by the intended recipient.
  • Onion routing – Messages are onion routed through the nodes on the Beldex network and cannot be intercepted or interpreted by third parties.
  • Pay with BDX – The integration of Beldex wallet enables users to send and receive BDX on BChat. A BChat contact is saved when a message request is accepted. Every BChat ID is mapped to a Beldex wallet address. An address book on BChat helps find the wallet address of a BChat contact.
  • Make peer-to-peer calls – Voice and video calls are made over secure channels as they are peer-to-peer…

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