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Is Apple Vision Pro Durable? New Test Reveals If The $3500 Headset Can Withstand Bumps And Drops

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The latest durability tests have shown that Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) first-generation mixed-reality headset, Vision Pro, is much sturdier than anticipated despite its fragile looks. 

What Happened: The Vision Pro, which was released on Friday, has been subjected to a series of durability tests by Sam Kohl from AppleTrack. The tests included face-ramming into various objects and surfaces and drop tests from different heights.

Despite the high price of $3,499, the Vision Pro proved to be quite resilient. Even after being dropped from a height of six feet onto a wooden floor, the screen remained intact, with only the right speaker being damaged. The device continued to function after this test.

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It was only after a drop from a height of ten to twelve feet that the glass screen finally cracked. However, the sensors, camera, and plastic layer beneath the screen remained undamaged, and the device continued to function.

In the end, he offered some takeaways: 

“Number one: Light Seal should be a little bit stronger. It is going to pop off really easily. It popped off in literally every drop and if you ever pick it up like The Vision Pro it’s falling.” 

Second, “if you bump into stuff I think your head is going to hurt more than the glass. I do not see a realistic scenario unless you’re on a super blunt point where running in into an object with this would cause it to shatter and even if it does you’re not going to cut yourself.” 

Third, “the speaker grills and one of the speakers fried before any other part, meaning a couple of things — one, that it’s built very well overall and two, that the front giant piece of glass isn’t the weakest point.”

Fourth, “I’m shocked in general just how strong this was. The fact that I had to take it up to 10 to 12 ft before we got here is amazing. I’m still blown away that not only is everything else under this completely fine, that it took that much height to break the Vision Pro.” 

“It looks fragile but guys I  think for 3500 bucks the bill quad in this is actually really good,” he concluded. 

Watch the complete video here: 

Why It Matters: Given its high price, the Vision Pro’s durability is a significant factor. This…

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