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Huobi Global Rebrands as Huobi, Introduces New Strategy – Sponsored Bitcoin News

Huobi Global Rebrands as Huobi, Introduces New Strategy – Sponsored Bitcoin News

Huobi will endeavour to bring value to its business and provide secure and professional services to its users as it rebrands. Various technologies and resources will also be integrated into Huobi’s global public chain ecosystem, including the technology and resources offered by the HECO and TRON public chains, as well as the bridge between their chains, the BTTC.

Huobi: New Brand, New Strategies

Huobi Global has been rebranded to Huobi. The updated name of the company is composed of the Chinese characters “火” and “必”. Originally from Chinese culture, the first character symbolizes perpetual vitality and the transmission of this vitality to subsequent generations. The second means determination to succeed, illustrating Huobi’s goal of returning to the industry’s top three positions.

In Chinese, the character “必” can also be seen as an amalgamation of the characters “心” and “义”, which mean “heart” and “righteousness”, respectively. By displaying the symbolism behind these two Chinese characters, Huobi demonstrates its commitment to providing professional digital asset management services from the heart to users around the globe. It also aligns with the company’s mission, “empowering assets, promoting financial inclusion.”

Moreover, the updated name represents Huobi’s vision of ‘technology changes the world’ by upholding the Chinese virtue of righteousness, implementing the brand philosophy, contributing to innovation and development in blockchain and virtual asset technology, and embodying the brand philosophy ‘science and technology for good’.

Following the completion of the brand refresh, Huobi will work on enhancing the brand via various strategies. Since the inception of Huobi, the company has placed a great deal of emphasis on developing high-quality projects on the market, which will remain a key component of Huobi’s business strategy in the future. With the HT (Huobi Token) voting system, Huobi gives the listing right back to its users, who can now vote on listings with their HT. The company also intends to make HT the centre of the platform’s activities.

In addition to creating cutting-edge assets and supporting assets with strong market potential, the company will foster communities built around projects and empower them to thrive. With the intention of using science and technology for good, Huobi will continuously strive to create a safer and more stable…

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