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How Has Binance and Other Companies Helped Donate to the Relief Effort in Morocco

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firms have stepped up to the plate when it comes to corporate social
responsibility, with Binance, a renowned cryptocurrency exchange, being one
such example. Their participation to the Moroccan rescue effort demonstrates
the expanding involvement of corporate entities in humanitarian endeavors.
Binance, along with other firms, has contributed to the relief effort in
Morocco, as well as the impact of their contributions on the ground.

Issues in Morocco

Before delving
into Binance and other companies’ contributions, it’s crucial to understand the
context of the Moroccan rescue effort. The North African country has
encountered a number of humanitarian issues, including natural disasters,
economic inequality, and healthcare access. Morocco’s geographical location
also makes it vulnerable to earthquakes and flooding, which can cause severe
damage to infrastructure and community dislocation.

Morocco has made considerable improvements to its healthcare infrastructure and
educational system. However, assistance is still required to combat poverty,
malnutrition, and provide access to excellent healthcare and education,
particularly in rural regions. In this context, international support is
critical in assisting the Moroccan government in properly addressing these

Charity Airdrops $3 Million in Crypto to Morocco Earthquake Victims

In response to
the Morocco earthquake, Binance
Charity will distribute up to $3 million in BNB
to affected users,
primarily in the Marrakesh-Safi Province. Eligibility is based on Proof of
(POA) submissions before September 9, 2023. Those in the designated
area will receive $100 in BNB. Users completing POA after September 9 but
before September 30 will get $25 in BNB.

transacting users across Morocco will receive a $10 BNB airdrop, with around
70,000 Moroccan Binance users expected to benefit. Distribution begins on
September 12, 2023.

post-disaster scenarios, traditional banking systems often become inaccessible.
Cryptocurrency transfers, offering rapid, cost-effective, borderless, and
transparent transactions, have become critical for…

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