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Hayes Predicts Early 2024 Crypto Bull Run, Ascent Of Filecoin

Arthur Hayes crypio bull run Filecoin

On September 13th, Arthur Hayes, co-founder and former CEO of BitMEX, delivered a comprehensive analysis of the crypto landscape at Token2049 in Singapore. His insights, which spanned from macroeconomic trends to the intricate dynamics of AI, culminated in a bullish prediction for Filecoin, a decentralized storage solution in the crypto domain.

Why The Bitcoin And Crypto Bull Could Start Early 2024

Hayes began by dissecting the symbiotic relationship between debt, AI, and the intrinsic value of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Historically, he noted, crypto bull markets have been propelled either by fiat currency liquidity or by groundbreaking technological advancements.

However, a simultaneous convergence of these two driving forces has been conspicuously absent. “Over the past decade, one of these two factors has always been the reason we’ve had a bull market in crypto. Yet, we haven’t witnessed a bull market where both were present at the same time,” Hayes remarked.

Assuming that both factors could play out next year, Hayes ventured a bold prediction for the crypto sector’s trajectory. “I believe the next bull market in crypto could commence in early 2024. This could potentially be the most significant bull market not only for cryptocurrencies but also for risk assets since the eras of World War II and the Great Depression,” he stated.

Diving deeper into global economic trends, Hayes highlighted the alarming acceleration of global debt, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. He presented a stark picture of the US public debt maturity profile, emphasizing the looming challenges. “What do governments resort to when faced with a mountain of debt that needs issuance, but there’s a dearth of willing buyers at feasible interest rates? The answer is simple: they print money,” Hayes elucidated.

As the discussion transitioned to technology’s intersection with crypto, Hayes identified AI as the prevailing zeitgeist. Drawing parallels with past technological revolutions, he emphasized AI’s transformative potential within the crypto space. He cited the meteoric adoption of AI technologies, such as Chat GPT, and the burgeoning investments in AI-centric firms like NVIDIA as testament to this trend.

Will Filecoin Rise From The Ashes?

Hayes then meticulously connected the dots between AI’s demands and the indispensable role of decentralized storage in the crypto ecosystem. He posited that centralized…

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