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Global securities regulators push for worldwide digital asset oversight with 18 new policy recommendations

Global securities regulators push for worldwide digital asset oversight with 18 new policy recommendations

The International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) has released the final report of its 18 policy recommendations for digital assets designed to bring uniformity and robust oversight.

IOSCO is a global cooperative of securities regulatory agencies that aims to maintain fair and efficient markets. It was established in 1983, and its membership regulates more than 95% of the world’s securities markets in more than 130 jurisdictions.

The finalized “principles-based” and “outcomes-focused” guidelines aim to align the regulatory frameworks of IOSCO member jurisdictions, addressing pressing concerns regarding market integrity and investor protection in digital asset activities.

Global Imperative of Consistent Regulatory Frameworks

At the core of IOSCO’s recommendations is the pursuit of greater consistency in regulating digital asset activities across borders. This approach echoes the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s cited principles of “same activities, same risks, same regulation/regulatory outcomes” and seeks to minimize regulatory arbitrage and protect retail investors exposed to significant risks in the crypto markets.

By drawing parallels with the regulation of traditional financial markets, IOSCO stresses the need for adaptable regulatory frameworks yet consistent in their treatment of various crypto-asset activities, including those involving stablecoins.

The comprehensive recommendations span critical areas, including conflicts of interest, market manipulation, cross-border risks, custody and asset protection, operational risks, and retail distribution. Each area addresses specific aspects of digital asset operations, from governance and disclosure of conflicts in vertically integrated CASP business models to tackling abusive market behaviors and enhancing cross-border cooperation for effective supervision. A notable emphasis is placed on safeguarding client monies and assets, managing operational and technological risks, and ensuring suitable retail distribution practices.

Enhancing Market Integrity and Protecting Investors

IOSCO’s guidelines respond to the “fragmented” nature and the “lack of transparency” of the crypto market, which it attributes to significant investor losses and market manipulations. By setting clear expectations to control and monitor manipulative practices and prevent misuse of inside information, these recommendations aim to fortify market integrity and shield investors from undue…

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