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FOMO Frenzy Versus Community Focus – Why Celebrity Meme Coins Need More Than Star Power

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The dynamic cryptocurrency market continuously churns out new trends (organic and not-so-organic), with the recent surge of celebrity-backed meme coins being a prime example.

Most avid users of digital wallets witnessed the initial excitement surrounding these tokens, like JENNER, RICH and BANDO.

Fueled by the meme coin craze and celebrity endorsements, these tokens experienced a surge in trading activity. However, the dream quickly turned sour.

Within a mere two to three days of launch, the market value of these tokens plummeted dramatically, with some experiencing dips close to 90%.

JENNER by Caitlyn Jenner, for instance, launched with a market cap that briefly touched $43.3 million but now sits at a meager $5.6 million, marking an approximate 87% decline.

Similar stories unfolded for RICH from Rich the Kid (originally valued at $5.3 million, now at $237 thousand) and other celebrity-backed coins like the mentioned BANDO from Trippie Redd, or DAVIDO (Davido), and MOTHER from Iggy Azalea.

Speaking about the dramatic price drops the threadbare inherent volatility of the crypto market is now heavily influenced by news-driven sentiment and speculation.

Early investor exits to secure profits can trigger rapid sell-offs, especially when a coin lacks liquidity, which is common for meme coins.

Building beyond the buzz

While the recent crash highlights the risks associated with meme coins, I believe there’s potential for successful projects.

Meme coins thrive on community consensus, much like dedicated fan bases.

Celebrities wield considerable influence, and their involvement could be leveraged to launch projects with high potential.

A successful celebrity-backed meme coin could pave the way for wider crypto adoption, similar to the ‘NFT summer’ phenomenon, where celebrities sparked mainstream interest in digital assets.

However, a critical distinction exists between hype and substance. Can celebrity involvement alone translate to long-term success?

The answer lies in a combination of factors. Successful meme coins will need more than just a celebrity name attached.

Clear utility, a strong development team with a proven track record and a dedicated community are crucial for sustained growth.

A bit more on this below.


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