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Factors That Indicate A DOGE Rally Is Just Starting


According to on-chain analytics, the next strong Dogecoin rally might be closer than we think. The meme token has been giving traders mixed signals for the past month, but signs like on-chain transaction volume and DOGE’s mission to the moon are starting to point to the next surge being right around the corner. 

Despite the majority of cryptocurrencies being in the red over the past 24 hours as consolidation and modest selloffs continue, Doge has managed to post a gain of 6.87%. 

Dogecoin Transaction Volume Spikes

Price activity indicates that Dogecoin has gained more than 10% over the course of the past week. The cryptocurrency struggled to post gains like other popular cryptocurrencies for the most part of October’s rally. 

Price data from Coinmarketcap shows the crypto only spiked 19.7% from its October bottom of $0.0579 to end the month at $0.069. However, things changed in early November, as bulls and whales started to inject capital into the cryptocurrency. This influx pushed the cryptocurrency over the strong $0.76 support. 

According to crypto analyst Rekt Capital, this breakout was the beginning of a shift in trend, with a spike to a $0.15 price target now in formation.

Various on-chain monitors reveal that on-chain transactions have spiked at the same time. According to on-chain analytics platform Santiment, Dogecoin reached a total transaction volume of $665 million yesterday, its highest level in three months. Data from Coinmarketcap also puts the total transaction volume in the past 24 hours at $1.83 billion, an increase of over 240% from the previous day. 

Dogecoin millionaires figures are currently in decline, but that has not stopped whale activities as large transactions have spiked in the past week amid greater market pullback. IntoTheBlock’s large on-chain transaction metric shows that DOGE’s large on-chain transactions totaled $1.37 billion in the past 24 hours, a 69% increase from the prior day.

Source: IntoTheBlock

Most of this heightened trading activity can be linked to increasing enthusiasm within the Dogecoin community surrounding…

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