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EXCLUSIVE: Will Emerging Cryptos Move Bitcoin Into Oblivion? Unicoin Founder Makes Startling Revelation

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Alex Konanykhin, founder and CEO of Unicoin, shared startling insights on Tuesday about Bitcoin’s (CRYPTO: BTC) potential journey towards potential oblivion, possibly being overshadowed by emerging, more efficient digital currencies.

Konanykhin, in an interview with Benzinga, delved into this transformative phase, highlighting Bitcoin’s diminishing market share, the critical role of blockchain technology and the inevitable rise of new digital currencies.

He also spoke about the challenges of volatility in the crypto market, the necessity of sensible regulation and the evolving preferences of institutional investors.

The Evolution of Money and Cryptocurrencies

Konanykhin traced the history of money, from seashells to precious metals and eventually to digital currencies. “Cryptocurrencies are just a natural next step in the evolution of money,” he stated, emphasizing the superiority of blockchain technology over traditional single ledger systems.

This evolution, according to Konanykhin, marked a significant shift in how financial transactions are conducted.

The Role of Blockchain in Business and Payments

When asked about the future of blockchain technology, Konanykhin highlighted its potential beyond technological advancements.

“The main shift in the crypto industry is going to be not technological but in developing financial infrastructure over blockchain technology,” he explained.

This shift, he believed, will transform early business implementations of technology into more mature, stable business concepts.

Bitcoin’s Diminishing Market Share

Konanykhin pointed out Bitcoin’s loss of market share, stating, “It has already lost more than 50% of the crypto market to other currencies.”

He compared Bitcoin’s trajectory to early internet companies that vanished after the dot-com bubble burst.

“Bitcoin is going to fade away just like Myspace disappeared,” he predicted, suggesting that new, more efficient cryptocurrencies will eventually replace it.

The Race For A Universally Accepted Cryptocurrency

Konanykhin emphasized the competitive nature of the cryptocurrency market, likening it to the dominance of the U.S. dollar in fiat currency.

“It’s a race as to whose cryptocurrency is going to be universally accepted,” he said, indicating that the winners in this race, whether governments…

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