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Dubai Multi Commodities Centre Partners With Hacken To Strengthen Web 3.0 Security in Dubai

Dubai Multi Commodities Centre Partners With Hacken To Strengthen Web 3.0 Security in Dubai

August 29, 2023 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Partnership with the DMCC Crypto Centre the largest Web 3.0 community in the MENA region offers a bolstered Web 3.0 cybersecurity landscape. Collaboration continues Dubai’s push to be the leading global hub for Web 3.0 technologies.

Hacken, one of the leading Web 3.0 security auditors, has announced a strategic partnership with the DMCC Crypto Centre that will fortify the region’s Web 3.0 security landscape and elevate Web 3.0 cybersecurity within one of Dubai’s leading business districts.

As part of the deal, Hacken will contribute to expanding education and raising awareness on Web 3.0 security within the DMCC Crypto Centre and its over 550 members.

The partnership entails various educational initiatives where Hacken will share its profound insights and knowledge with Dubai’s businesses operating in the cryptographic and blockchain sectors to foster a more secure and resilient digital future.

A cornerstone of the partnership is Hacken’s involvement in mentoring participants of DMCC’s Crypto Centre accelerator program.

The company’s business leaders will guide participants in developing robust, efficient and reliable Web 3.0 products.

Moreover, to foster a robust collaborative ecosystem, Hacken is rolling out an exclusive program tailored specifically for DMCC member companies.

This move makes security services more accessible to DMCC members, underscoring the commitment to cybersecurity and promoting the adoption of best practices.

Igor Bershadskiy, director of business development and partnerships at Hacken, said,

“Partnering with DMCC’s Crypto Centre is a testament to Hacken’s dedication to strengthening our presence in the region and enhancing the Web 3.0 security landscape.

“We are committed to instilling a culture of cybersecurity excellence and are confident that this collaboration will be of immense value to Dubai, which stands to become one of the leading blockchain centers in the world.”

Belal Jassoma, head of business development at DMCC, said,

“As the [DMCC] Crypto Centre continues to build on its position as the largest concentration of Web 3.0 businesses in the MENA region, ensuring the highest levels of Web 3.0 cybersecurity is critical so that our members can operate and scale with confidence.

“Partnering with Hacken to achieve this adds yet another compelling reason for global and local businesses to select the Crypto Centre as the launch…

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