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Donald Trump Wins As Expected In Nevada’s Republican Presidential Caucuses

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Former President Donald Trump has clinched victory in Nevada’s Republican presidential caucuses, securing all 26 of the state’s delegates.

What Happened: Despite a new state law mandating a primary election, the Nevada GOP opted to carry out their own caucuses, open exclusively to Republicans. Trump was the lone major contender in the race, with former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley abstaining due to perceived favoritism towards Trump, AP News reported.

At 11:06 p.m. ET, AP declared Trump as the winner after analyzing initial vote results, which indicated a significant lead for him in six locations across the state.

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Haley chose instead to run in Nevada’s state-run presidential primary, where she finished behind the “none of these candidates” option. Trump’s success in Nevada brings him closer to the 1,215 delegates required to officially secure the party’s nomination, a milestone he may reach in March.

Trump’s victory was largely expected, as Nevada’s caucuses necessitate intense grassroots support, which Trump enjoys. The state party had previously barred candidates from running in both the primary and caucuses and limited the role of super PACs, impacting other candidates like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

The caucuses garnered a significant turnout, with nearly 1,000 people lining up at a single Reno-area elementary school. The GOP contest now moves to the South Carolina primary on February 24, where Haley hopes to leverage her home-state advantage, while Trump aims to amass a substantial delegate count during the March 5 Super Tuesday contests.

Why It Matters: Trump’s success in Nevada came days after he secured a decisive victory in Iowa and New Hampshire. This is a significant milestone in the 2024 presidential race, setting the stage for the upcoming Republican primaries in other states.

Election polls suggest that Trump’s popularity among GOP voters is notably higher than that of other candidates, largely due to his significant lead in national primary polls. According to Real Clear Politics, at the national level, Trump held 74.3% support among GOP voters, While Haley trailed with 18.1% support.

On Thursday, Trump secured a clear victory in the…

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