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DEFI Token Hits Seven Major Exchanges – A Milestone Achievement

DEFI Token Hits Seven Major Exchanges – A Milestone Achievement

January 30, 2024 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

DEFI token secures listings on the seven most popular crypto exchanges, including ByBit, KuCoin, Gate, MEXC, Bitget and Bitmart. Trading will start on January 31, 2024.

De.Fi, the largest Web 3.0 super-app, excelled with the most prominent public sale in 2023, raising a staggering $17 million.

Today, the team unveiled the thrilling news to their dedicated community. The highly anticipated DEFI token is set to make its debut on seven top-tier exchanges, including ByBit, KuCoin, Gate, MEXC, Bitget and Bitmart.

The listing event marks a significant milestone for the platform, which is set to redefine the future of De.Fi.

De.Fi aims to become the first Web 3.0 service to launch a token. Currently, the team is entirely focused on ensuring a successful listing campaign.

The dedication to this initiative reflects a commitment to creating a substantial and enduring presence for the DEFI token in the market.

According to the official announcement, users should expect the DEFI listing on crypto exchanges on January 31, 2024, at 10 a.m. UTC.

The De.Fi team is backed by a range of leading VC (venture capital) firms and prominent investors from around the world, including 21Shares, Shima Capital, HOF Capital and other leading VCs.

Prominent partnerships with CoinGecko, zkSync, LayerZero, Trust Wallet and Hacken show De.Fi’s dedication to becoming the ultimate super-app that makes Web 3.0 more secure and delivers the best possible user experience.

Marco Cora, senior vice president of business and operations at Matter Labs, said,

“We’re excited to see security-specific deployments such as De.Fi making their way to zkSync Era.

“Permissionless protocols enable freedom by allowing anyone to participate in the Ethereum ecosystem, but they also come with a critical responsibility for its users and builders to practice due diligence, which is paramount for avoiding scams on permissionless networks like Ethereum and zkSync Era.”

As the buzz and optimism returned to the industry, De.Fi is doubling down on building integrations and partnerships with crypto projects, exchanges and blockchains.

Notably, over 65 crypto projects worldwide have joined forces with De.Fi, leveraging its API for development initiatives.

GeckoTerminal, AvaScan, Ankr, HoldStation, Fox Wallet and many others are already utilizing antivirus technology to protect their users from crypto scams.

Last month De.Fi hit the absolute record…

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