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De.Fi Sold Out $5 Million Round, OKX, Binance and Coinbase Directors Among Investors – The Sale Is Still Open

De.Fi Sold Out $5 Million Round, OKX, Binance and Coinbase Directors Among Investors – The Sale Is Still Open

November 20, 2023 – Warsaw, Poland

De.Fi a SocialFi and antivirus super-app has reached a significant milestone with the launch of De.Fi 2.0.

Currently in the spotlight is the ongoing DEFI token public sale, opened to users who want to join the 2.0 ecosystem. The project has already raised an impressive $5 million.

The De.Fi super-app as of now has reached over three million unique users, with big names like CoinGecko, Arbitrum, zkSync and London and Montreal Universities that trust to power their platforms with their tech.

De.Fi started during ‘DeFi summer’ in 2020 as a group of passionate yield farmers, and during these last three years of development, they successfully led the resolution of multiple industry issues and grew our user base over 100x.

De.Fi has already defused over 540,000 risk tokens that’s $27 billion potentially saved because now you can find scams in the code before they happen.

John Izaguirre, former director of Binance Chain, said,

“Having closely followed the De.Fi team for years, I can attest to their transformative impact on the cryptocurrency landscape.

“Their game-changing Web 3.0 super-app and crypto antivirus set a new standard for enhancing crypto security. I will be looking forward to the unfolding of their future innovations in the dynamic world of DeFi.”

The De.Fi team is backed by the same early investors who brought Tesla and SpaceX to life HOF Capital.

Additionally, De.Fi received investment from OKX Ventures, Huobi Ventures and MEXC, as well as from directors of Coinbase and Binance.

After the invention of the world’s first super-app and crypto antivirus, they have introduced De.Fi 2.0 the most comprehensive ecosystem in Web 3.0 that includes the following.

  • De.Fi Connect, SocialFi
  • De.Fi layer two chain to scale and connect the ecosystem
  • De.Fi-GPT will help users make smarter crypto investment decisions, powered by AI

De.Fi has started a new chapter of their journey. The De.Fi 2.0 round has sold over $5 million worth of DEFI tokens.

With the integration of these products in the De.Fi ecosystem suite, these products are revolutionizing Web 3.0 like it’s never been done before.

De.Fi’s journey and recent achievements portray it not just as a platform but as a catalyst for change, innovation and growth for the entire decentralized finance ecosystem.

With the ongoing success of the DEFI token sale, De.Fi 2.0 is positioned to leave an indelible mark on the future of…

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