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‘Dark Brandon’ Fires Up Bitcoin Community: ‘Good Day For The White House Intern’

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A laser-eyed Joe Biden on Super Bowl Sunday was supposed to be a dunk on the “Dark Brandon” meme – but the Bitcoin community had a quite different interpretation of it.

What Happened: The President’s social media team answered conspiracy theories with self-aware humor:

Just like we drew it up.

— Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) February 12, 2024

In case you’re out of the loop on the reference: the “Dark Brandon” meme references a far-right conspiracy theory that criticizes President Joe Biden, claiming he manipulated the Chiefs’ victory to curry favor with fans of Taylor Swift.

For example, former Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy was wondering whether Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, the “artificially culturally propped-up couple,” would endorse the President for the 2024 election.

But the Bitcoin community had other ideas.

“BITCOIN FTW!!,” exclaimed self-proclaimed value investor Mike Alfred. “This is about Bitcoin,” said “Bitcoin and the Monetary Revolution” author Eric Yakes.

Others appreciated the self-ironic nod: “Good day for the White House interns. That’s funny,” said Troy Cross, a fellow at the Bitcoin Policy Institute. Adam Cochran, an Ethereum advocate, was equally appreciative, saying you “gotta give props” to the social media team and the President for having a sense of humor about himself.

Fox Business anchor and ETF reporter Eleanor Terrett, however, had a less enthusiastic response: “Wait what. Is he…trying to go for the #crypto vote now???”

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Why It Matters: It is unlikely the president did in fact “go for the crypto vote,” as this was not his first appearance with laser eyes.

Back in August 2023, the social media team had already referenced the meme, with Biden drinking from a “President Biden with laser eyes” cup.

The “Brandon” slur can be traced back to August 2021 and, as is often the case with internet memes, evolved later into something else: “Dark Brandon.”

What’s Next: Whether Biden makes more laser eyes appearances remains to be seen. If he, like Edward Snowden, watches the Bitcoin chart, his social media team may conclude that it is not the worst idea in light of Bitcoin’s price action.

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