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Craig Wright Was Finally Called Out in Court and Hodlonaut Is Celebrating

Craig Wright Was Finally Called Out in Court and Hodlonaut Is Celebrating

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Craig S. Wright is a fraud. That is not just my opinion, but that of Mr Justice Mellor of the U.K. High Court, who ruled today that the self-declared inventor of Bitcoin is not as he claims. Over the past five years, Wright, an Australian national, has wasted hundreds of hours of court time and millions of dollars suing a number of people who challenged his assertions.

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This Thursday, that ends. Following a two month-long trial brought by a consortium of cryptocurrency companies called the Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA) on behalf of the Bitcoin community, presiding Judge Mellor has stated in no uncertain terms that “the evidence is overwhelming” that Wright has been lying for years.

Wright’s strategy was “definitely a perversion of the course of justice and fraud on the legal system,” said Hodlonaut, a pseudonymous Bitcoiner with a serious reason to celebrate today’s verdict. Hodlonaut, known for his cartoon cat avatar on Twitter, was sued by Wright five years ago for libel, after tweeting that the 53-year-old computer scientist was a fraud and a scammer.

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That’s exactly what COPA was trying to prove by filing the first offensive case against the 53-year-old computer scientist seeking a “negative declaration” from the U.K. justice system that Wright is not Nakamoto. And they got it: Justice Mellor, in a highly unusual move, issued this verdict directly from the bench within seconds of the case ending.

It’s conceivable that Mellor will now refer Wright for criminal proceedings under the Crown Prosecution Service given the enormous amounts of money and time the Satoshi Nakamoto pretender has cost the U.K. justice system. “This is not the only case Craig has going in the U.K.,” Hodlonaut said, mentioning the suits against himself, podcaster Peter McCormack and a group of Bitcoin developers.

Including the other proceedings involving Wright’s claims over the Bitcoin white paper, codebase, database rights and “Tulip Trust,” said to hold 110,000 bitcoins {{BTC}}, Hodlonaut estimated Wright has racked up upwards of 50…

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