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COPA vs Wright: What’s at Stake as the Trial to Determine Satoshi’s Identity Wraps Up

COPA vs Wright: What's at Stake as the Trial to Determine Satoshi's Identity Wraps Up

  • The Crypto Open Patent Alliance and Craig Wright will present their closing statements in the trial to find out if Wright is Satoshi.
  • Justice James Mellor has not yet said when his decision will be out.
  • The results of the identity case against Wright could have implications on other ongoing cases.
  • This week attorneys representing bitcoin developers and the Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA), an organization that says it is fighting for “freedom from threats” on crypto technology, will tell a judge that Craig S. Wright is not, in fact, Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. Wright, who declared he was Nakamoto in 2016, will close his case arguing he did create what is now the world’s largest and most valuable cryptocurrency.

    The closing arguments will wrap up a month-long trial brought by COPA, which seeks to prove Wright isn’t Nakamoto and deny him the ability to claim copyrights or sue under the name Nakamoto again. If Wright succeeds, he’ll have a huge leg up in other cases he has against exchanges Coinbase, Kraken and others.

    COPA, which is backed by industry heavyweights like Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, Coinbase and Microstrategy, filed to take Wright to court in 2021. During the trial, which began Feb. 5, COPA’s attorneys from the law firm Bird and Bird tried to prove that Wright forged evidence supporting his claim to be Nakamoto and that Wright did not have the knowledge or expertise to create bitcoin.

    “We got into this for developers, we want to make sure that developers feel like they can develop without being threatened for the very act of helping to improve and iterate on bitcoin,” a COPA spokesperson said.

    COPA’s team will present its closing argument on Tuesday.

    During Wright’s time on the stand so far, Wright and his supporting witnesses shared an anecdote about a ninja and acknowledgements that certain pieces of evidence were edited recently.

    Wright has a separate active lawsuit in the U.K. against a group of bitcoin developers, and has previously fought to gain sole intellectual property rights to the bitcoin whitepaper, because he believes that he is Nakamoto and that no other entity should host the paper. His team will present its closing argument on the identity case on Wednesday, and COPA will have a chance to rebut on Friday.

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    What happens if COPA wins?

    February’s trial is just the first part of the overall case, a COPA spokesperson told CoinDesk.


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