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Clues To MKR’s Price Path Ahead

Clues To MKR's Price Path Ahead

Amidst the crypto market resurgence, the smart contract platform Maker and its native token MKR have experienced a challenging period, with MKR demonstrating a consistent downtrend after reaching a yearly high of $4,070 in April, plummeting to as low as $2,440 just one week later. 

Dive into the protocol’s key metrics and observe notable levels to gain insights into potential price movements and actions for the MKR token in the near term. 

Maker Protocol’s Updated Metrics Reveal Positive Growth 

The Maker protocol, known for its decentralized stablecoin DAI, recently disclosed updated metrics highlighting its health and growth over the past month in a post on social media site X (formerly Twitter). 

DAI, governed by MakerDAO’s decentralized blockchain, enables the borrowing and lending of cryptocurrencies. The current DAI supply, exceeding 5 billion DAI, is a critical metric reflecting the total amount of DAI created and circulating. 

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Total Value Locked represents the dollar value of assets locked within the Maker Protocol. Despite being live on one chain since its inception, Maker has approximately $8.76 billion locked, making it the fourth-largest decentralized finance (DeFi protocol). 

The Maker Protocol allows the minting of DAI by depositing accepted assets into Maker Vaults. The ETH-C Vault type holds the largest share, with approximately $2.07 billion worth of ETH locked. 

The system surplus needs to reach 50 million DAI to achieve a complete MKR burn. On the other hand, the Dai Savings Rate (DSR) represents the rate at which the Maker Protocol rewards users for locking their DAI within DSR contracts. Currently, the DSR cost amounts to approximately 153 million DAI.

Currently, the protocol notes that most DAI remains within DeFi, with externally owned Accounts (EOA) and the DSR serving as the top use cases, holding over 2.3 billion and 1.96 billion DAI, respectively. 

In terms of revenue generation, SparkLend D3M and Spark’s MetaMorpho D3M lead the way, generating an estimated $155 million in annual revenue based on their deposit APYs. This highlights the significance of various collateral types and revenue streams within the Maker ecosystem.

Potential Catalyst For MKR’s Price?

Despite the growth and investor interest in the Maker ecosystem, the upcoming Endgame Plan, a proposal to revamp its governance and tokenomics, is expected to act as a catalyst for the MKR token, potentially boosting…

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