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Circle’s Jeremy Allaire Says US on the Cusp of ‘Powerful’ Stablecoin Regulation That Will Boost Crypto Industry

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Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire says that the United States will eventually pass legislation to regulate stablecoins and bring regulatory clarity to the crypto industry.

In a new interview on the Unchained Podcast with Laura Shin, Allaire says that the ongoing debate on how to regulate stablecoins will likely result in a win for the digital assets industry.

“I’ll be a little bit of a broken record on the stablecoin issue, which is just that we have a moment, it’s a here-and-now moment. There’s a dollar competitiveness issue. There’s a national competitiveness issue. There’s an industry and market competitiveness issue. And while it’s very easy to look at the people who’ve committed fraud or the companies that have run Ponzi schemes or the people who have been bad actors and say it’s all crap, that is just not the case.

And so we’re right on the cusp of, I think, a very strong framework that would be very powerful for the US, the US dollar, for industry, competitiveness, etc. So that I feel strongly about.”

The CEO also says that policymakers should take a broader view of blockchain technology when drafting regulations and not just focus on its financial technology use.

“Blockchain technology is colored through the lens as a financial technology. And I think it’s really important that policymakers understand that we’re talking about general purpose internet infrastructure, general purpose internet computing infrastructure, data infrastructure. It’s really important to a huge array of industries and categories. How we treat that infrastructure, it needs to be independent of just saying this is a financial regulatory matter. Because it’s actually not. It’s really about a next layer of the internet.

And so I find sometimes that the policies that are being considered are kind of marshaling everything into a financial regulatory lens. That is not a good position. I don’t think it’s accurate. It really just requires more understanding. And so I would encourage policymakers and their staff to really get a better understanding of, let’s just call it the computer science of this network technology and what that is, because that’s really where so much value will come.”

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