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ChatGPT won’t replace developers – ETHDubai devs weigh in

ChatGPT won’t replace developers - ETHDubai devs weigh in

The newest version of ChatGPT has caused a stir online, scoring high marks for SAT tests and highlighting vulnerabilities and exploits in Ethereum smart contracts.

GPT-4 is the latest version of the highly influential artificial intelligence (AI) language model, boasting ‘human-level performance on various professional and academic benchmarks,’ according to its developer OpenAI.

Aside from outstanding scores on a range of various professional and academic benchmarks, GPT-4 has also demonstrated the ability to review Ethereum smart contracts, highlighting vulnerabilities and even suggesting potential ways to exploit the code.

Coinbase director Conor Grogan shared a prompt dialogue with ChatGPT in which the AI chatbot ‘highlighted a number of security vulnerabilities’ before verifying a method to exploit the contract.

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Perhaps more interesting is that ChatGPT’s recommendation checks out, given that the exact same smart contract had been hacked in 2018 via the same method that the language model suggested.

On the back of the latest ChatGPT upgrade and its potential to review, suggest and provide insights to Ethereum smart contract developers, Cointelegraph journalist Ezra Reguerra explored the topic in conversation with attendees at the ETHDubai conference this week.

Cointelegraph journalist Ezra Reguerra in conversation with blockchain developer Salman Arshad at the ETHDubai conference.

Blockchain developer Salman Arshad highlighted the connection that ChatGPT has with blockchain given the focus on Web3 in security and auditing processes. Smart contract auditors are costly and ChatGPT offers a timely…

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