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In the financial center of Dubai, the Cardano Summit 2023 will gather some of the most prominent projects in the crypto space. During the three-day event, speakers, founders, and the community will voice views on the growing sector and the future of the network and blockchain technology as Cardano enters a critical stage in its development.

What’s Missing In The Cardano Ecosystem?

The Cardano Summit 2023 began with a networking soirée leading to the ‘Battle of the Builders’ competition. The event, sponsored by industry leaders like CV Labs and Genius X, featured ten projects in a pitch contest showcasing the versatility of the Cardano ecosystem.

Frederik Gregaard, CEO of the Cardano Foundation, highlighted the robust number of Cardano GitHub repositories as evidence of the platform’s readiness for innovation. The number of developers working and shipping products on this blockchain has increased following its implementation of smart contract capabilities.

After intense deliberation by a panel of seasoned judges, including Gregaard and representatives from EMURGO and STORM Partners, Maestro claimed the top spot, with NEWM and zkFold rounding out the winner’s circle. The summit continues with more workshops and sessions.

Speaking with our team, Sheraz Ahmed, Managing Partner at STORM Partners, gave his perspective on the event, the obstacles of the building during a bear market, the topics dominating the Summit, the key component missing in the ecosystem, and the distinct quality of the Cardano community: passion.

STORM has been a long-time partner of Cardano and its ecosystem, aiding them in projects like Ergo Media, marketing, and educational efforts. Ahmed told us:

So there are three main topics of the conference. Operational, resilience, education and adoption. Those are the three ones that things are centered towards today’s on the innovation stage. The last discussions are around stablecoins and the importance of stablecoins within the Carano ecosystem. I think a lot of the Cardano community and projects are feeling the pressure of not having a Cardano interoperable (stablecoin). And you can really see that it’s impeding the ability to create DeFi products and applications.

Ahmed was one of the judges during the startup competition and saw how the…

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