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Bunzz Raises $4.5 Million Seed Round To Expand Its Smart Contract Hub for DApp Development

Bunzz Raises $4.5 Million Seed Round To Expand Its Smart Contract Hub for DApp Development

January 24, 2023 – Singapore, Singapore

Bunzz, a Web 3.0 development platform for decentralized applications, has completed a $4.5 million seed round. Investors included gjmp, DG Daiwa Ventures, Coincheck and Ceres. Funding will be used to help build out Bunzz’s smart contract hub, which is already used by more than 8,000 DApp developers.

Bunzz has established a strong track record since its launch 11 months ago. Over 8,000 DApp developers have been using the platform, and more than 3,000 DApp projects have been deployed on-chain, making it one of the largest DApp development infrastructures in Asia.

The platform has been recognized by top-tier landmarks as a major infrastructure service in the smart contract development sector. It has been featured on the Web 3.0 development infrastructure chaos map published by Coinbase.

Additionally, Bunzz was also a finalist in Icetea Lab, Singapore’s largest Web 3.0 accelerator program.

Currently, engineers who can handle DApp development are very rare. The reason is that the barrier to developing smart contracts, which are Web 3.0 specific programs, is high.

In other words, if Web 2.0 software engineers could handle contract development, it would be much easier to enter the Web 3.0 space.

Bunzz has succeeded in simplifying the previously complex development process by providing frequently used contracts as modules and wrapping the preparation of nodes and the launch of the development environment.

About Bunzz’s core feature ‘smart contract hub’

Bunzz offers a modularized version of frequently used smart contracts. These are freely available to general users and can be reused by other DApp developers.

On the other hand, there is a similar service called ‘Open Zeppelin,’ an open-source library. The difference between this and Bunzz is convenience.

While OZ’s code is just a library and cannot be deployed right away as it requires a development environment and nodes, Bunzz’s modules can be deployed with just a GUI. It is truly the ‘Web 3.0 version of Docker Hub.’

Partial list of smart contract modules offered by Bunzz

NFT-related modules listed as follows.

DeFi-related modules listed as follows.

Kenta Akutsu, CEO and co-founder of Bunzz, said,

“Bunzz ultimately aims to become Web 3.0’s equivalent to Docker Hub. Immutable smart contracts on the blockchain are open programs – also called ‘public goods’ – because anyone can access and use them without…

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