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Bulgaria’s oldest football club adopts Bitcoin and Lightning, joins Nostr

Bulgaria’s oldest football club adopts Bitcoin and Lightning, joins Nostr

Bitcoin (BTC) has netted another adoption goal. Botev Plovdiv FC, Bulgaria’s oldest football club, has adopted Bitcoin and Lightning, as well as joining NOSTR, the decentralized protocol.

Plovdiv’s stadium accommodates 35,00 people. Source: Manolov

Effective immediately, fans can utilize Bitcoin for peer-to-peer payments at Botev Plovdiv FC’s fan shops and stands during matches at the top flight of the Bulgarian League, the Bulgarian Parva Liga. The club also has plans in the pipeline to extend Bitcoin payments for ticketing and its online store.

Anton Zingarevich, the president of the 111-year-old football club, expressed enthusiasm for the move, highlighting the potential of the Lightning Network. He stated in the press release,

“We foresee Bitcoin payments becoming as ubiquitous as the internet in our daily lives. This integration not only aligns with our vision but also offers our fans and stakeholders unparalleled convenience.”

The initiative became a reality through a partnership with BTCPayServer, a Bitcoin payment processor known for its open-source architecture, secure infrastructure, and low merchant fees. The hardware for payments was handled by, in collaboration with, who provided the PoS Devices. 

The Bitcoin NFC enabled point of sale device in the changing room. Source: Manolov 

Nicolas Dorier, founder of BTCPayServer, emphasized the importance of local Bitcoin adoption, stating they are committed to supporting transformative endeavors such as the work at Plovdiv.

George Manolov, Bitcoin Director at Botev Plovdiv FC explained that “Bitcoin offers a universe of technological, social, and financial opportunities.”

“At Botev, we’re thrilled to lead these innovations into sports, harnessing their transformative energy to elevate our club to unprecedented heights. As Bulgaria’s oldest football club, anticipate pioneering products and initiatives from us.”

In addition to embracing Bitcoin, Botev Plovdiv FC has “revamped” its online presence. The club’s official website has been updated; English social media channels have been brought up to speed, and the club has created an account on Nostr, a decentralized protocol that offers social media platforms. Fans can now keep up to date with Plovdiv on Nostr. 

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