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BTC, ETH address momentum shows significant divergence


Glassnode data analyzed by CryptoSlate shows that new address momentum metrics of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) reflect that the BTC network is growing while the sentiment on the ETH network is the opposite.

An uptick in daily active users, more transaction throughput, and increased demand for backspace often characterize healthy network adoption. Considering this, CryptoSlate analysts examined the new address momentum, new entity momentum, and active address momentum metrics for BTC and ETH.

New address momentum

The number of new addresses recorded on-chain can be an effective tool to measure the magnitude, trend, and momentum of activity across the network.

The absolute number of new addresses on any given day can be uninformative due to intraday volatility in on-chain activity metrics. Instead, comparing the magnitude and trend of new addresses entering the market on a monthly or yearly basis can be much more informative.

BTC New Address Momentum (Source: Glassnode)
BTC New Address Momentum (Source: Glassnode)

The chart above reflects the number of average monthly and yearly new addresses on the BTC chain, which are represented with the red and blue lines, respectively.

New entity momentum

This metric represents the new entities that come to a blockchain and can provide meaningful insights when used together with the new address momentum metric.

Similar to the new address momentum chart, the chart below represents the average monthly and yearly BTC new entity momentums since 2010. The pink line represents the monthly average, while the green one reflects the annual average.

BTC new entity momentum (Source: Glassnode)
BTC new entity momentum (Source: Glassnode)

Both metrics underline relative shifts in dominant sentiment and help identify when the tides are turning for network activity. When the monthly average surpasses the yearly one, it indicates an expansion in on-chain activity, usually reflecting fundamental network improvements and growing network utilization.

If the yearly average exceeds the monthly average, it indicates a contraction in…

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